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the Garage


Model. Build. Scale. It is our validated method to turn your idea into a successful business. An all-in-one formula specifically designed for entrepreneurs and led by experts in business modeling, engineering and communication. Data & business, UX, operations, engineering and communications teams aligned under a single criterion, all moving towards the same goal—creating a startup that makes the user fall in love.


We build disruptive startups for visionary founders & corporations. We are not an incubator or accelerator. Neither are we a development studio nor an agency. It’s something different, we are an AI Venture Builder. We only create startups from scratch. We not invest in live startups, but we love to build from the zero ground. That's why our validated method works like no other to build disruptive companies that change everything.
Our method works in this way:

Model, Business Modeling & Product DNA
We build the business model to establish economic foundations from the beginning. We create a unique value proposition, the soul that your users will fall in love with and that will guarantee growth;
Build, Engineering & User Experience
Our engineers develop the customized solution with bombproof technology, a magnetic UX, and a REST API backend for smooth scaling;
Scale, Market Optimization & Growth Machine
We validate and scale the business in two stages: we measure traction with explosive marketing actions and we plan our first investments in order to grow at a sustained rate.






The Garage is our Venture unit and we blindly believe in the project we give life to. That's why we invest up to 50% of the cost in the most disruptive startups. We share risks and joys from the very beginning, with full involvement in the business idea. We want to be your co-founder since the beginning !


  • Creating a steady online business. Without taking shortcuts.
  • If you don't have time and you need us to lead your project.
  • If you have a great idea but don't know how to start.
  • Designing a groundbreaking value proposition.
  • Bringing your disruptive idea closer to the reality of the market.
  • Digital transformation if you have deep knowledge of an offline market.

  • But we can't help with...

  • If you are looking for an accelerator, incubator or only-money investors.
  • Creating a low-cost, fast MVP "just to try it."
  • Investing in communications without thinking or measuring anything.
  • Creating traditional companies hidden behind a website.
  • Local or low-scalability business models.
  • Developing through templates and prefabricated solutions.
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    Helping to Build the new AI World through Startups.

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