SPARK acts as an external innovation laboratory by creating Startups for Companies through the Start-Up as a Service model reducing the risk of R&D and creating new value.



SPARK is our Corporate division that collaborates with COMPANIES creating NEW START-UPs that can then be integrated, acquired or allowed to grow independently and that allow you to explore business models, new products, new experiences or create new suppliers. We do this through the START-UP AS A SERVICE model by reducing innovation R&D costs with the speed of Start-Ups. It is a perfect model to experiment and create new business models that have the potential to contribute significantly to the group's profits within 3-5 years. We give companies the opportunity to quickly explore new strategic areas and new models, often outside the main business skills and in potentially competitive areas. Whatever the company needs (e.g. launching new brands or business models, identifying new customer segments, entering new markets), we help it create competitive advantages by together developing start-ups that can be integrated into the company's core business and group portfolio.


Spark enables experimentation with new business models that have the potential to contribute significantly to the group's profits within 2-5 years. Through this model Companies have the opportunity to quickly explore new strategic areas, experiment with new products, test new business models, often outside the main business skills and in potentially competitive areas.






The Start-Up as a Service process is based on the 4 phases envisaged by our BeFool platform.
1) First of all, we identify the problem with the aim of co-creating together a portfolio of potential business ideas that aim to solve it. Our scouting team analyzes the latest trends, technologies and business models.
2) Then we select the most powerful idea and create a design studio and create mock-ups and product models to be viewed and validated with customers and internal stakeholders. We create a complete presentation consisting of: prototypes of solutions validated with customers, business case hypotheses, detailed feasibility study.
3) So we assemble a team drawing on our Entreprenueur basin in residence and within 6 months the team must have realized its MVP that will be validated on the market.
4) Once the Start-Up has started, the Foolfarm team continues to grow the newco while the client company can continue to collaborate as a strategic customer, as a partner or as a simple investor or acquire and integrate it within a predefined time frame.


CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP: It allows you to participate in FoolFarm's Deal-Flow, that is to have full visibility of the flow of ideas collected, incubated and elaborated to become startups.
CALL FOR IDEAS : CASTY are the original "Call-For-Ideas" and "Call-For-Talents" formats for the selection of projects and talents born from the experience of our founders expert in communication and media. Spark organizes CASTY with the aim of selecting entrepreneurial ideas to incubate and new talents to be aggregated to projects or challenges of digital transformation in AI launched by companies: it is a new generation hackathon.
CORPORATE INNOVATORS CLUB: The Corporate Club that each Quarter finds itself at our Campus headquarters in Milan, to contaminate itself and participate in exclusive meetings. In the Corporate Innovators Club there are dedicated programs for the company for the development of its own Internal Startup Studio; In-house workshops: fast meetings inspired by management, which presents key trends, new business models and good practices in digital transformation; Round tables (Live or Online) for knowledge sharing; Tech Deep Dives: From our AI competence center, our experts share the technological challenges that occur when implementing new initiatives.

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