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FoolFarm Spark Consulting

Innovation is your competitive advantage

We collaborate with companies in co-creating new technological solutions and business models with high growth potential, thanks to a highly structured entrepreneurial process.

We start with the Ideation phase, during which we generate brilliant ideas to create new business opportunities. Next, during the Validation phase, we validate and select the most promising ideas thanks to our Foolers Club, FoolFarm’s investor club. Following this, during the Build phase, we construct the MVP of the selected solution in an agile manner. After building and validating the MVP, we proceed with the market launch. Finally, during the Growth phase, we support the startup in its development and scalability journey in the market.

Benefits of working with us

Diversification: exploring new business models, products or services that can contribute to diversifying the company’s revenue streams. De-risking: actively and thoughtfully investing to face disruptive challenges, increasing the chances of success and minimizing the impact of individual failures.
Time to Market: operating with the agility of a startup, allowing for rapid experimentation, iteration and adaptation in response to market trends and consumer preferences.

We Build the Future
of Your Business

We are proud of our track record

We have founded 5 startups and anticipate launching another 40 by 2027.

Let's change the world through startups!