Opening in January 2024, Sassari's Foolers Village is a beacon of innovation for the University of Sassari and Upper Sardinia. Focusing on strategic sectors such as Agritech, Architech, Healthtech and Food Tech, this hub is dedicated to enhancing students' entrepreneurial ideas and projects.


The Village provides students with tools, knowledge and opportunities to transform their ideas into valuable businesses. Through a hands-on, collaborative approach, it promotes local economic development and stimulates a vibrant entrepreneurial culture.

With the support of experienced mentors and access to a network of industry partners and investors, Foolers Village in Sassari is an ideal starting point for students who aspire to become entrepreneurs. It is an environment where innovation meets entrepreneurship to create sustainable and impactful solutions.

Snaproof: a success story
Among the most striking success stories, Snaproof stands out as a virtuous example of how an idea can evolve into a successful startup. Born from an idea of a group of students at the University of Salento and supported by faculty on the ground and by FoolFarm on the venture building aspects, Snaproof is a project among students that has turned into a real operational startup. As a student or group of students at the University of Sassari, you could be the one to lead the next successful startup with the help of FoolFarm.

A direct channel to FoolFarm
As a student at the University of Sassari, you can get in touch with our team directly, or through the responsible faculty members in the University, to pitch us your personal idea or idea developed together with other students using the form below. Our team will be available to initiate an initial discussion of the idea and figure out together how we can work to develop it into a start-up.

Alternatively, you can follow our Call 4 Thesis pathway according to our more specific selection criteria, which can be found in the 'Call-for-thesis' section of our university menu.

Events and Workshops at the University
Foolfarm in collaboration with some faculty will launch a program of events, such as Hackathon events and ap presentation days, within the Athenaeum starting in March 2024. Remember to check your department and Athenaeum communication channels for the most up-to-date information or contact us directly.

Courses and coaching
From the first semester of 2024, a number of courses and coaching opportunities will be available for students at the University of Sassari. Follow the University's communications closely for the most up-to-date information

Do you want to turn your idea into a successful startup?


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