How we create startups

FoolFarm, an Italian pioneer in deep-tech venture building, collaborates with experts and Entrepreneurs in Residence to develop and launch innovative startups. Specializing in artificial intelligence, blockchain and cybersecurity, it has already created 9 startups. It is conceived as a factory that creates startups in a continuous cycle with a scientific method and efficiency unique in Europe.
With an initial investment of 50,000 euros per startup and a 36-month development process, FoolFarm combines innovation and specialized expertise. The Milan and Lecce offices are hubs of this dynamism, with startups always based on solid intellectual property.

Our Deep-Tech DNA

FoolFarm is dedicated exclusively to the development of startups in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deep-tech domain. Startups are created through a proprietary six-step venture building process, a "factory-like" method validated by years of success.
Startups created in FoolFarm are always based on solid industrial patents, a prerequisite for launching new ventures into the market.

Our technology

Led by CTO Alessandro Redaelli, FoolFarm has established a world-class research and development (R&D) center at the heart of which is FoolCore, a proprietary platform with more than 40 unique technology modules.
This platform is instrumental in accelerating the creation of minimally viable products (MVPs), doubling operational agility and stimulating continuous innovation. FoolCore also facilitates the organization of hackathons focused on artificial intelligence.
The FoolCore platform stands out for its R&D development capability in advanced industries, representing a significant competitive advantage for entrepreneurs in the dynamic tech startup ecosystem. Key benefits of FoolCore include reducing the cost of developing new MVPs, doubling the speed of their creation, and the ability to rapidly generate new concepts by combining modules in innovative ways.

Our ecosystem


It is our BU that creates Startups around our research and development or around ideas of visionary entrepreneurs. We develop innovation and R&D constantly, validate new concepts to launch new Startups to co-found with aspiring co-founders, the Entrepreneurs in Residence. Are you interested in founding a Startup with us? Apply now to become a co-founder.


Fooler Village is our BU dedicated to transforming the academic potential of Italian universities into outstanding startups, with a particular focus on strategic sectors such as artificial intelligence. Born as a spin-off and based on our validated methodology, it acts as a catalyst for innovation and development by introducing advanced venture building methodologies to the most innovative universities.


Our BU dedicated to R&D consulting and innovation for business products and services. Our mission is to help Companies rapidly materialize innovative ideas into business solutions, ensuring the speed of Startups. We innovate in business models and leverage FoolCore, our technology platform, to excel in generative AI, bringing visionary ideas to life."


The Foolers Club is a community of business angels, entrepreneurs and companies, united by one goal: to support the growth of the startup ecosystem! The Fooler is an individual or legal entity that intervenes in the very early stages of FoolFarm startups by participating in the validation activity and investing in the Pre-seed and Seed rounds at highly competitive valuations.

"Launching a startup requires more than vision and talent-you need a solid strategy and method. Our methodology, honed over three years of success, focuses on innovative startups, especially in generative AI. Our platform accelerates the development of technologically advanced MVPs. We offer a mix of know-how, method, top teams and access to university talent to guide entrepreneurs and companies toward a successful future."

Andrea Cinelli

Andrea Cinelli

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