Our goal is to support the growth of the startup ecosystem

What is the Foolers Club?

The Foolers Club is a community of business angels, entrepreneurs, and companies, united by a single goal: to support the growth of the startup ecosystem!

A Fooler is an individual or a legal entity that steps in during the early stages of FoolFarm startups’ life, participating in validation activities and investing in Pre-seed and Seed rounds at highly competitive valuations.

By joining the Club, the Fooler will have access to:

An exclusive portfolio of Deep Tech startups, created following FoolFarm’s venture building model, in strategic verticals such as: AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Metaverse.
A unique opportunity in the market to invest in innovative projects with very high potential and to support the growth of startups through mentorship activities.
Themed events entirely dedicated to the world of innovation with first-rate guests from various industries. Monthly Community Day and Demo Day dedicated to portfolio startups.
A community of over 150 C-level and innovation ecosystem experts who share a passion for the startup world and the entrepreneurship-technology binomial.

Membership to the Foolers Club is completely free!

Once you have signed the regulations, you will have direct access to FoolFarm’s Dealum page. A platform to stay up-to-date on the latest initiatives of the venture builder, get first-hand progress updates on the startups, invest in ad hoc club deals, and manage your own portfolio of participations.

Are you ready to become part of the FoolFarm ecosystem?

Let's change the world through startups!