FoolFarm is more than just a venture builder. We are a growth engine for innovative startups with the ambition to change the world. To date, we have unearthed 8 revolutionary companies with a combined valuation of over €30 million. On top of that, we have created job opportunities for more than 100 exceptional talents.


Use Generative Artificial Intelligence safely in the enterprise


The advanced Voice Interaction and customer engagement platform


Automate the sale of fashion garments and accessories with AI


The voice-based Secure Customer Authentication platform


The first B2B SaaS platform of Conversational Smart Talent Engagement


Fragmentalis the safest place to save your files


We have an ongoing process of ideation and validation of new ideas. Here you can find the main themes we are working on.

Developing startups in agritech is crucial to addressing challenges such as population growth, sustainability and climate change. Technologies such as precision irrigation and vertical farming optimize resource use and reduce environmental impact. Trends such as digitization and circular economies are transforming the sector, making agriculture more efficient and sustainable. In short, agritech is not only a business opportunity, but also a way to improve the world we live in.

Investing in space tech startups is critical to pushing the boundaries of human knowledge and stimulating innovation. Space technologies not only make possible more advanced missions and the colonization of new worlds, but they also have terrestrial applications, such as improvements in communication and environmental monitoring. With trends such as space tourism and satellite miniaturization, space tech is a rapidly developing field with potential both commercially and for human advancement.

The world of TravelTech will follow an increasing parabola in the coming years, with a CAGR of 5.8 percent until 2032.

Startup investments in the sector are reaching record levels, surpassing even pre-COVID-19 levels, with over $11B in 2021 (Skift, McKinsey, 2023).

Despite this positive trend, many processes rely on outdated technology and human experience, leading to inefficiencies and travel experiences that fall short of expectations. Our mission is to innovate the travel experience by leveraging Generative AI and Machine Learning.

Investing in startups based on generative artificial intelligence is essential to fuel innovation in a variety of fields, from art and design to medicine and manufacturing. These technologies not only improve efficiency and automation, but also open the door to new forms of creativity and problem-solving. With the rise of deep learning and the increasing availability of data, generative AI represents a booming field with revolutionary applications that can have a significant impact on society and the economy.

Brands face several challenges in measuring their level of brand awareness. In addition, trying to understand what is the exact impact and return on investment of marketing campaigns declined across different channels can be complicated.

The use of innovative technology, can help us analyze a large amount of content in order to generate value-added insights to better evaluate brands' communication initiatives.

Investing in proptech startups is critical to modernizing and optimizing the real estate sector, one of the world's largest and least efficient markets. Proptech technologies not only simplify buying and selling and property management, but also encourage sustainability and accessibility through smart building and energy management solutions. With trends such as digitization and the use of big data, proptech is a growing sector that offers significant opportunities to innovate and create value.

Awareness of our health and how to access care has never been higher than in recent years.

Technology opens many doors in terms of the quality of health care we receive, whether it is developing better treatments, strengthening prevention and diagnostics. We aspire to innovate health care both physically and mentally, particularly in the work setting. 

What clients said about us

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Jenny Fox

Jenny Fox

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Emily Dallas

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Matthew White

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Chris Carlson

Chris Carlson


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Juan Diaz

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