We are looking for visionary Co-Founders with whom to found new startups

Cerchiamo talenti visionari pronti a collaborare per innovare e ridefinire il futuro. Con FoolFarm, avrai l'opportunità unica di guidare la tua startup, sostenuto dal leader italiano nel Venture Building e investimenti in AI e Deep-Tech. Trasforma la tua visione in una realtà di successo.
Abbiamo decine di concept prevalidati da proporti. Oppure proponi pure la tua idea: siamo pronti ad ascoltarti ed ad investire in te.
In questo momento ricerchiamo nuove idee di Startup nell' Ai e nel Deep-tech con modelli SaaS B2B o B2B2C.


We create Startups by engaging Talent Co-founders to build the future.

We analyze in detail future trends in artificial intelligence and constantly identify new opportunities, developing pre-validated concepts that are foolproof and fail-safe.

We are constantly looking for talented co-founders to join us. Our co-founders come from diverse backgrounds and careers and all share the same bold ambition to change the world

We entrust the Co-Founder with the development of the project starting from our Concept. If we like the project we invest €250k and co-fund the Startup together with the Co-Founder ensuring Hands-On support.

In the first 12-18 months, we will work tirelessly together with the Co-Founder to build an early version of the product, gain traction, satisfy customers, and hire an outstanding team, and then fly to market!

We support the Startup in the incubation and acceleration path provided by our venture building method by accompanying it to the Round Seed and re-invest in the Startup by leading the Round.

Our companies become independent as soon as they get external funding, but we continue to be a close partner throughout their development-we are always by their side !


How it works

Generiamo costantemente nuovi concept per lanciare startup, selezionando co-founder per sviluppare prodotti, team e mercato, con noi come primi investitori.

  • Proponiamo Concept di Startup in ambito AI o Deep-Tech prevalidati a prova di bomba! Oppure proponi la tua idea: siamo pronti ad ascolatarti!
  • + 40 Esperti venture Builder a tua disposizione
  • Team di R&D e USer Design per creare MVP di alta qualità
  • Processo di Framework per accelerare l’ingresso sul mercato, testato su oltre 40 aziende.
  • Branding that attracts top talent from launch.
  • Funding for the first 12-18 months and access to a network of investors.
  • Oltre 1500mq di spazi dedicati, i maggiori in Italia nel Venture Building con estensioni in 5 Università Italiane: potrai fondare la tua startup a Milano o nelle nostre altre bellissime sedi.
  • Community of founders and alumni for mutual support and growth.
  • Community +200 Angel Investors (Foolers CLub) per la validazione e mentorship


Sei pronto a lasciare un segno?


Yes, you will have to move to Milan or to our peripheral offices, e.g., Lecce In any case, our headquarters are located in Milan, Italy. Here we have a multidisciplinary team that periodically launches new startups. It is very important to join physically so that you can be in touch with your future co-founders and our core team at the firm.

No. In FoolFarm we invest in both aspiring entrepreneurs or teams with a standalone project and not. If you have a startup project better but first and foremost we expect you to join as a person. We will assess your skills and whether you have the entrepreneurial spirit to start a journey with us.

As our new Founder-in-Residence, we expect you to work on a new Startup from day one. Together with our core team you will manage all the steps to launch a Minimum Viable Product. During this time we will build, test, pivot, and address failures together. We expect Founder-in-Residence to spend 3 to 6 months in the Studio, collaborating with our team during the launch of a new venture. At the end of this period you will have the opportunity to become a co-founder of the startup you worked on. You will have a top team and a team of experts in finance, engineering, marketing, legal and more alongside you.


Here are the prerequisites for joining our team:

1. Leadership experience in leading teams, recruiting, and managing complex operations. Having already been a Startupper can be successful.
2. Eagerness to be an entrepreneur and desire to create something of your own.
3. Risk-taking, proactivity and ability to put yourself out there. Experience of failure in previous entrepreneurial projects (even if they were small or never actually launched).

These common traits are important for success in our Founder in Residence team.

This is not the right opportunity for you if you are looking for a high salary with benefits and all kinds of comforts/advantages. Launching startups is a challenging path and we need to be 100% sure of your commitment. We want to know if you are truly passionate about embarking on an entrepreneurial path and accept the risk. We will cover your expenses and allow you to focus on building your company while reducing the risk of failure. We want our Founder-in-Residence to be aligned with the success of the startups they are working on, and so you should expect a substantial equity position in that startup once it is launched.

Each year we welcome between 4 and 6 Founder in Residence. In our first-year operating model, we plan to launch at least 3 new startups, each of which will be supported by at least one Founder in Residence and one Launcher.

Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to fill positions on our team as members move in and out. Applying early is always preferable!



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