FoolFarm presents the Foolers Village project in Naples

Foolers Village Naples officially opens for business: it is the new innovation hub for startups, the result of the collaboration between the "startup factory" FoolFarm S.p.A. and University of Naples Federico II. A center where the technological ideas of young talents from Campania will be transformed into successful new businesses that will operate, in particular, in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and cyber-security.

The Foolers Village in Naples will foster exchange and enhancement from university scientific knowledge thanks to the entrepreneurial growth path, based on the startup "industrialization" model signed by Italian venture builder FoolFarm. In the presence of Valeria Fascione, Assessore con delegega alla Ricerca, Innovazione e Startup della Regione Campania, Andrea Cinelli, CEO and co-founder of FoolFarm, and Giorgio Ventre, Professor of Computer Engineering and Scientific Director of the Apple Developer Academy the Foolers Village Napoli will be inaugurated, a program that transforms an embryonic project, an idea or a thesis into a startup in just 6 weeks, thanks to the methodology of venture building.

Foolers Village will co-found startups and launch its activities with a 50,000.00 euro investment program in technology startups with a focus on artificial intelligence. The Roadshow 2023-2024 starts in Naples and then touches Lecce and other Italian university cities. As noted on foolersvillage.com, applications can be submitted from November 15, 2023 to January 15, 2024; the program will kick off on February 1, 2024.

In constant synergy with the University of Naples Federico II, the Foolers Village in Naples will support employment and the entrepreneurial economy of the area, facilitating the meeting between innovative startups and industrial and financial investors. "With the initiative in partnership with FoolFarm, the University of Naples Federico II strengthens its activities in favor of its students and researchers towards the creation of innovative enterprises," says Giorgio Ventre, Professor of Computer Engineering and Scientific Director of the Apple Developer Academy. "Our University Pole of San Giovanni a Teduccio becomes even more a hub able to offer businesses as well as future entrepreneurs the necessary support to manage the challenges brought by digital and green transformation. By partnering with FoolFarm, we generate the conditions for the creation of high-tech businesses in the increasingly critical field of AI."


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