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Foolfarm is the 1° European ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Start-Up Studio. We incubates and invests in visionary founders and artificial intelligence brand-new startup's projects globally. We provide deep operational support to entrepreneurs and corporations helping them build market-leading companies.

What we do

We build disruptive startups for visionary founders & corporations but we are not an incubator or accelerator. Neither are we a development studio nor an agency. It’s something different, we are an Artificial Intelligence Venture Builder. We only create startups from scratch. We not invest in live startups because we love to build from the zero ground being the co-founder. That's why our validated method works like no other to build disruptive companies that change everything.

We creates new companies in three different ways: Incubation in our R&D unit named the Lab we leverage proprietary processes to build market-leading companies from scratch;Investment, in our Venture Unit named the Garage we partner with daring entrepreneurs to build market-leading companies; Corporate Venture, in our corporate venture building unit named the Spark our partners team provide a full-service formula to introduce change without losing corporate focus through the Startup as a service model.






We monitor market trends to identify new opportunities to build and grow companies that matter. We provide highly motivated entrepreneurs with funding for MVP development, ongoing mentorship, support for outside fundraising, an entire starting team to aid with UXUI design, management, marketing, sales and research, and last but not limited to, access to our network of our 30+ international partners and investors.


We invest in talented founders with extraordinary ideas in the artificial intelligence ! We’ve seen good ideas with an okay founder climb the ladder of success, and okay ideas with a rockstar founder absolutely dominate a market. This is why we have a "founders first" approach, because ideas are everywhere, great founders are not. ‍Are you a co-founder without a company? We offer to talented founders the essential tools and investments they need so that together. Think you've got what it takes to be a Co-Founder of your own start-up? Why not start your journey as a CEO with Foolfarm? You call the shots, we're just here to make sure you succeed.

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Helping to Build the new AI World through Startups.

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