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the Spark


The Spark is our Corporate Venture unit. We act as an external innovation lab, from analysis and ideation to development. A full-service formula to introduce change without losing corporate focus. An in-depth analysis to create disruptive ideas, developed with startup-agility and corporate ambition. We are neither a consultant company nor an hourly developer. That's why our method introduces change in the company through well-thought, tailor-made, brilliantly executed solutions.


Think. Disrupt. Build. it's our method for innovation in the company to occur without friction. An in-depth analysis to create disruptive ideas, developed with startup-agility and corporate ambition.

Our method is named Startup-as-a-serviceworks in this way:
Think, Insights & Innovation Canvas
We align the objectives of the organization with the purpose of the project. We define the framework for action so that Innovation responds strategically to future challenges, without diluting.
Disrupt, Value Proposition & Model Validation
We create the new product that will charm the user. We design a competitive, value-added proposition on which to build the technology of the new business.
Build, Engineering & Service Design
Our engineers develop the customized solution with bombproof technology, a magnetic UX, and a REST API backend for smooth scaling.






Foolfarm is an innovation factory that constantly develops new ideas, designs, patents and prototypes. Over 8 startups a year come off our assembly line! An since the very beginning we involve visionary Corporations to become our partners in our projects to co-finance our projects. Then they will be able to acquire equity and even take over the financed startup that will be created around the product co-created. Innovation at the factory price for Corporations.


  • Building disruptive propositions while keeping our feet on the ground.
  • Identifying connecting links between the corporation and the new audience.
  • Diversifying corporate activity to plan for the future.
  • Creating new Assets from your data and Customers
  • Progressively digitize the heart of the corporation.
  • Creating new products for your customers.
  • Promoting a rational change aligned with the company.

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